This of a bluegrass styled song I wrote. And, you know...yeah.

Wind Me Up

This is not a simple thing for me to say out loud
I've been dancing for you all this time, but I've just been too proud
To really see what you do to me is pulling me all around
As I run around in circles on the ground

You can read me like a book and see just what I need
And dangle it in front of me just to test my speed
You have to put me to the test even after I was sent away
I'm just your toy and it's always time to play

You wind me up just to watch me go
Throw me a bone so that I'll put on a show
You tell me just what I want to hear
And then reaquaint me with my fear

You have played the guiding hand and I have played the fool
And it kills me that I went so long not seeing how you rule
If seeing me go up in smoke brings you so much joy
I wish you'd just blow me away and leave a broken toy


All that I can really say
Is I hope you're having fun
And when this play thing falls apart
I hope you find another one