chorus might be first verse...

Let me do my dyin on my own
Since I let you keep the single family home
And if you're thinking of sending me,
..a box full of letters
Well, you know better

I took my cardboard box out to the truck
I took my time, but I tried to hurry up
I'll take my place tonight,
..on the couch downstairs
I'll try to be gone before the neighbors start to stare

I drove last night to the cemetery
and stayed as long as they would let me
the place we'd live when we died
I saw half the moon missing in the sky

Went to the office, got our plot refund
bought myself, a single one
because your name is still hard for me to pronounce
because, you know, I'm ugly where it counts
i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.
This was good. Even with a smaller variety of words than I generally like. 9.5/10 the theme was good, and you told the story well.

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