Okay pitmonkeys.
So for english i have to do an informative writing piece.
It can be on anything, but it just has to be informative.
Any suggestions on a topic?
I was thinking of reviewing my guitar?
I love white guitars!
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Took a while because I'm really tired.

Here's an informative piece on "Romeo and Juliet" in Elizabethan writing style.

At least, I think it is.

I haven't read that book in 10 years.

And so the curtain opens, and enters the scene of the play. This apparent showing is less crowded than most, earlier on in the day as it is. An announcer is setting a dark mood as he bellows the opening prologue, as actors attire themselves backstage. Candles line the rim of the wooden platform as two men step onstage. `Tis uncomfortable down on the ground, but the magic of this play seems to swipe said feeling away, coming to the dance of the sword as war erupts onstage…though feels entwined in the action. But soft! Felled are many a men on both of the houses of Capulet and Montague…and hither comes the Prince, apparent in his anger, to bring death as a new punishment. For the penultimate fight showed on this stage shall be the final outrage tolerated in the fine streets of this fictional Verona.

Ah, but enters a troublesome-looking boy in his teens, seemingly lost in love with some fair maiden so far from reach. So, but in walks a comrade, speaking in soft tones. Comforting words are issued from his mouth…but none doth sooth the hurt soul of this boy.

Here we see a young County with Capulet…seemingly asking for the young and fair Juliet’s hand, but concern and love come from Capulet, he bids him to his royal ball that shall be hosted tonight…I am not sure but would warrant something is to happen at said ball…

As the scene changes to Capulet’s mansion, the same troubled boy appears with a masque covering his young visage, but captivated not by his apparent past lover is he, no, but by the striking Juliet of the Capulet house. Avast, it is in his eyes that he longs for her. I can not help feeling the fates drawing together now. Suspense hangs over the crowd as the couple dances, watching in euphoria as they kiss for the first time…a real compelling scene which I shall take note of.

Ah, after the party and Romeo stalks in the garden, his oblivious comrades passing by, leaving him. Words are issued from his mouth which compels the audience into a romantic mood. Already lovers are embracing each other as the sweet speech from Romeo floats up to Juliet on her balcony. Too fast, some say, but nay, they shall be married tomorrow…and Romeo shall return to her by the hour of nine.

Oh, but a beautiful wedding it is, inside the cell of Friar Laurence as he is called. Compelling vows beseech the audience as the two young lovers are wed. I wager this is my favorite scene thus far apart from the ball, we shall have to continue on to find one the rivals it. So far this play has earned my heart, and the hands of my timepiece have not crept past the movement of one hour! Hope escalated in my heart as I continue to view the magic on stage…

Oh, tragedy! The brave Mercutio has been slain by the heated Tybalt’s rapier. Dear Romeo has thrown caution to the wind and slain Tybalt in revenge’s cold heart, and exit he who was not married but so short ago…and enter the Prince who banishes Romeo into exile from Verona…and so the crowd, myself included, gasp in horror in Romeo’s cruel fortune, one must imagine what Juliet would think when she gathers the news!

Here does Juliet lie in sadness, where she hath just been brought low by the current actions of her cousin and her new husband…but endorphins reach her weary eyes as Romeo doth come that night, to make Juliet his true wife. Gripping though the story is, it makes you think among these troubled persons what true feelings, however complex, are voiced through their tragic displays of sorrow.

Oh, drawn together the curtains as the touching goodbye of Romeo lingers with me, how sorrowful I feel for them both as he mounts the travois to descend into the orchard. But hail, what bad news could come upon this girl now, that her true husband and love have been banished from her arms? Enter her mother and father, preaching to her, rejoicing that they shall speed the wedding of Paris and their lovely daughter. Oh, but Juliet does defy her father in her private rage, and after words she cries, and her Nurse betrays her to the side of her father. Sickened am I by this act; that even in true love such a family feud shall come between the two people the stars themselves have put together. People around are openly showing scowls on their faces, others have looks of shock on their faces, for they fear for Juliet and Romeo.

Ah, but Juliet hath come to the Friar in seek of help. Forsworn she is to her lover; she would rather take her life then be wed to the Count, Paris. The Friar, inspired by her apparent misgivings towards the County, gives her a potion of epic proportions. The vial sparkles blue as the time is set for her “death” for all who come to visit her.

Tragedy! The Friar John comes, but not in good will. He explains of his failure to deliver Romeo the note of Juliet’s “death”. Dawning on the Friar, but more so to me and those around me, the impending tragedy that seems to follow Romeo and Juliet around…I cry for the two of them, as Romeo is shown in the wastelands of Mantua, where he is misinformed by his servant of Juliet having actually died. Grabbing a poison from the nearby apothecary, he rides the wind back to Verona in an attempt to die by his lover’s side. Not by natural causes, no, but willing to give his life to be with her forever. Stunned silence befalls the crowd as tears wept from Romeo’s eyes stain the woods he stands upon, sorrow drenching his figure as he realizes what has happened.

Oh, but another figure must be slain tonight, as Romeo removes his blade from Paris’s bosom. I feel sympathy for the poor county, he has no ideal part in this plan, and his love for Juliet is downed as he is lain in the Capulet tomb by Romeo, in his own last ditch attempt at satisfying his death wish.

Drink the potion, seemingly chanted through the crowd within our minds, but none said aloud. We all sit in silence as Romeo stands over his fallen lover as he utters his final words of love, and puts the potion to his lips, downing him forever. Cries of anguish leap from the crowd…this is the moment we had been waiting for, but none had realized the impact it would make, dramatic as it was. Oh, and Juliet, perched over her now-dead lover, doth take his dagger and die by his side.

Enters the fathers of the houses, and an enraged Prince. Nothing has been as crushing as this to the heads of Capulet and Montague, who in their sorrow vow to build statues of commemoration to the lost lovers, as never was a story of such woe as that of Juliet and Romeo.

Oh, but the theatre empties as all leave in enlightenment of sorrow. I pursue many a story throughout my reviews, but none come to me faster than that of this. Nothing shall ever be compared to this, I promise myself. This play is worth the fortune of pennies kept by all the Kings and Noblemen in this fair England.

I, Emanual Antony, hereby decree the play of Romeo and Juliet the elite of England.
Emanual Antony
Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.
I'm going to say something that probably a lot of people here won't like...

Whenever students do something about their guitar, playing guitar, the technology of guitar, or their love of music, the science of sound, ANYTHING LIKE THAT, everyone just is annoyed. Even if you aren't trying to show off that you play guitar, no one likes it. It is tacky.
Quote by DorkusMalorkus
I'm going to say something that probably a lot of people here won't like...

Whenever students do something about their guitar, playing guitar, the technology of guitar, or their love of music, the science of sound, ANYTHING LIKE THAT, everyone just is annoyed. Even if you aren't trying to show off that you play guitar, no one likes it. It is tacky.