Recently, I've been getting electrocuted when I play guitar. I have played through different amps and changed cables but I'm still getting shocked.

Can anybody help me out and tell me what the hell it is and/or how to fix it?

Thanks, gang.
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haha but in all serious-ness, its most likely the guitar. smash it, and buy a new one.
or sell it to some unlucky chump.
Quote by lockless7x
somthings not grounded check to make sure the amps have the third prong and also if ur pluggin into an extension chord or somthing like a surge protecter look for that third prong

Everything is grounded. I just brought my amp to a buddies house and plugged in yet I'm still getting shocked...

It's not a bad shock, but I can feel it and it is affecting my playing. It's most noticable when I strike a power chord...
try putting on shoes

im not kidding it worked for me

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

check your grounds in your guitar, especially the pickup grounds, make sure they're on the pots right. Also make sure the ground from the input jack is grounded to the bridge or pots.
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Guitar's ground wire, man.

Another example, my parents decided to go ghetto and break the ground plug off so they could operate the fridge, but in doing so, you would get a mild shock of your bare skin touched a part of the kitchen floor that wasn't covered by linoleum like the cracks in between.
Quote by Kid_Thorazine
check the ground wire in the guitar and make sure it hasn't come loose.

Yep. If you have a trem open up the back and see if the wire has come off of the "claw". Most TOM's the ground will be in the input. If its just the ground its an easy fix, just $0-$5 if you have a tech do it.
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this may not be necessary for you, but you can always make sure your hands and the guitar are dry.
sweaty hands are a common cause of getting electrocuted while playing.
if you have actives, c heck they are wired and grounded propperly to the strings and input jack
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are you standing bare foot on a concrete floor? that will get ya every time
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