every time i try to download something on firefox, i get a message saying, "This download has been blocked by your Security Zone Policy". Does anybody know how to fix this??
load up the program and unblock it.
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Sounds like an external program. My Firefox doesn't bring any such warnings up, and I have 3.0.

Best find out if you have any Anti-Virus programs that blocks downloads/bad websites.
My anti virus doesn't block any websites. I was able to download everything just fine, then once i got firefox 3, i wasn't able to download anything at all.
Im using firefox 3 and I dont get anything like that.

I dont believe Mozilla has a "Security Zone Policy"
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Reset system Internet security settings

When you attempt to download an executable file on Windows (e.g., an .exe or .msi file) you may see a Firefox Downloads window with the error message:

* This download has been blocked by your Security Zone Policy.

You may experience this problem if the Windows option for Launching applications and unsafe files is disabled. To fix this:

1. From the Windows menu, open Control Panel.
2. Switch to Classic View and double-click Internet Options.
3. Select the Security tab.
4. Click the Custom level... button to change the settings for the Internet zone.
5. Scroll down to the option, Launching applications and unsafe files (under "Miscellaneous").
6. Select Prompt (Recommended).
7. Click the OK button.

If the setting is already correct, it is possible that the site is being blocked because it is in the Restricted sites list. To view this list, go back to the Internet Options Security tab, then select the Restricted sites zone and click the Sites button. The Restricted Sites list may include sites added by Spybot S&D or other security software that are known to contain potentially harmful files.
Note: If the above solution does not help, some Windows XP users report that installing or reinstalling Internet Explorer 7 resolves the issue. You should visit a forum specializing in Windows and Internet Explorer issues such as AumHa Forums or Windows BBS.com for help installing Internet Explorer 7.
I've tired everything shpongled told me to do, but it still doesn't work.
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