Anybody here like the Vines?

I liked Vision Valley the best, but i think Melodia is gonna make me change my mind on that one. It's good to see they could make a comeback after the er... mistake that was 'winning days'.
minus craig's problem (no offence but when it comes to them playing live, people usually don't like them and see only that side of the band in the old days).
I loved highly evolved.

Favourite song by em is 1969.

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I have only listened to the famous songs like Get Free, Ride and Factory but I like them alot. I have never really bothered to buy an album by them though.
Winning days is a great album! I've heard bits of Melodia, it sounds good.
Spaceship from Vision Valley is an awesome song, one of their best. But I wasn't too keen on the rest of that album. There was a couple of good songs, but overall it didn't impress me.
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I haven't heaard much of their stuff, but Get Free is brilliant
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I've only heard the singles. Which are catchy, no less.
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I've only heard the singles. Which are catchy, no less.

Yep. Ride gets stuck in my head so easily.
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I seen a really weird Get Free live. I think the guy was stoned...

I think the lead singer is diagnosed with Asperger's. or he was on some drugs. not sure.

but i got winning days and i wasn't too impressed, to me their singles are their best songs. I'M GONNA GET FREE RIDE INTO THE SUN
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I used to be very fond of this band, but I grew older and got wiser. Just like with nu metal...

Seriously, the reviewers are often trashing The Vines before they even listen to their music, quite a shame. Some of their songs are really catchy. I'd say Highly Evolved is a good record, at least as a debut.

Just like the guy above me said, a quite "singles" band, in the musical meaning

And for the hell of it, I freaking adore the Winning Days cover art. I just love it!
I only own highly evolved, but I love it, great album. I should try their newer stuff really.

I've seen them live and I thought they were excellent.
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Winning Days is the sound of my teens.

My band is covering animal machine too. Great band.
has anybody heard melodia yet?
i know i like 'get out' 'hes a rocker' and a few of there slower 'ballad' like songs which i heard on myspace when they had the whole thing on there exclusively.

Edit: i just submitted a review of it for those of you who wish to read.
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I think the lead singer is diagnosed with Asperger's. or he was on some drugs. not sure.

Both, actually. There you can see what happens if someone with an autistic-spectrum disorder makes drugs. He has given up cannabis since then.

I can't believe this thread is dead, they're awsome, not because of their live presence but because they're an unique band. Craig is a nice songwriter.


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