hey guys..ok,so about the scales again...there are different types of scales as so :

but there are so many different types of one scale...but according to my friend who solos really well, each of these different sections have a specific place on the fret board,is that right?
Long story short: Yes. They have different places on the fretboard.
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If you look you can see how they fit "into each other", like if you take the first scale, and just start adding them together, you will see that they fit and add up until the 12th fret.
yes and no. each of them can be played anywhere, but if you want to be soloing, say, in the key of G, then you'd have to play the first one in the 3rd position(3rd fret), the second one in the 6th position (6th fret) and so on.
they are all connected. You can see how they connect by seeing that the second note on each string of the first pattern becomes the first note on each string for the second pattern and so on. however, the first pattern can be moved anywhere on the fretborad, the other patterns just have to move with it.
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