Guys, Just thought i would share a problem of mine with you and see if you have any recomendations,

My martin guitar, its a 00-18V in left handed, is making a clicking/creeking noise when Any type of pressure atall is applied to the neck, it isnt very loud but its just a quick very quiet click coming from under the guitar neck somewhere in the sound hole where the neck actually joins the body of the guitar.

Now originally i took it to a luthier who looked and said he can't see an issue and also to another who lubed up the nut saying it should be this but still there is a prominent clickand also something else i have noticed. The G string when finger picked created a loud buzz in the same place where this click is coming from and its deffernately not fret buzz, so i know there is something loose at least in there.

Any have any advice as to what this is because i am genuinly worried about this?
thanks guys!
I don't know man, I would suggest you bring it to a luthier, but obviously you already tried. Maybe try to bring it someone else.
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Get in touch with the Martin customer service people. It sounds like you might have a truss rod problem, or the fretboard material is coming loose. They can help.

thanks guys for the reply. appreciate it. anyone else have any suggestions?