Floating in a translucent ball of fog, rolling through the never ending nothingness of space. My soul is strapped to a chair as my bodie walks through this place. Forever walking the earth without a cause or reason, but to find inner peace. Life, as if not short enough for us, will be short and bleek for me. For my soul has a cause and reason and will soon enough be released of all chains and set free to seek its true purpose of being.

My bodie will walk uncontrolled, without cause or reason as my soul lingers in the dark, waiting and watching for the prestine bliss of opportunity to arise. And when this time and place shall make itself, from oblivious and unknown, aware to me, my soul will trancend from the dark to the light and hence forth its purpose. Shadows will cast over the weak and the mislead, light will glow around the right and just and then the time will arise for my bodie to reunite with my soul so I can speak of my knowledge of the unknown upon the masses.

But until then, my bodie will walk the earth while my soul is left behind, sitting in the dark, waiting for the opportune time to arise and conflict with whats right.....and whats wrong.

For when this time comes, all shall know the answer to the ultimate question that we have asked scince the dawn of time. This question, unanswered and seeked out for so long will finally be unlocked and told to all.....and for all to hear and acknowledge. This question of why we are alive and to whom we were created by, will be answered. The universe holds the secret within the nothingness of space, as we hold the key, yet to be unlocked.
and give me your thoughts.
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