I have many distortion/delay/chorus pedals for guitars right.

I was wondering if I could use them with my Bass Guitar and Bass Amp.

Will it work, Will it sound good, Will it damage the amp?

Feed me back

Thanks fella's
It might damage the pedals, but I'm not sure about that.

It won't damage the amp though.

Bass guitar + Bass amp = good

Guitar + Guitar amp = good

Guitar + Bass amp = okay

Bass guitar + Guitar amp = bad
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Bass guitar + Bass amp = good

Guitar + Guitar amp = good

Guitar + Bass amp = okay

Bass guitar + Guitar amp = bad

thats just for the guitars, pedals are fine, though guitar pedals wont sound as good as bass pedal, no damage can be done.
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Well pedals should work. I know a lot of guys who uses Big Muffs (originally for guitar) for bass dist, it's great for that! I doubt it could hurt the pedal really, since what hurts amps aren't the amps, it's the speakers. Since pedals don't have speakers or produce sound themselves, you should be fine!
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i know that bass + gutiar amp = bad,

but if you had the pedals goin through to a bass amp, i dont think anything bad would happen, just might sound ****, as the pedals arnt designed for those frequencies
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you'll be fine a buddy of mine uses his pedal board through a bass rig to get a more muddy sound and hes been doing it for years with no problems to any of his gear.
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depends on the pedals but it wouldn't sound great because guitar pedals are made for the frequencies of a guitar not of a bass.


*Guitar Delay Pedal*-----*Bass Guitar*------*Bass Amp*

No damage.
Sounds interesting.
no damage, and stuff like delay and chorus should still sound fine, you really only run into sound quality problems with distortion, filtering and pitch shifting pedals.
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