Hey, I'm installing new SD blackouts in my BC Rich, and its easy since it already has he quick connect set up, but I dont know how close the pickups need to be to the strings... So?
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thats a personal thing, doesnt matter mate.

Does matter, too close to the strings and you'll get pull from the magnets - tuning instability.

Adjust them to maybe half a cm off the strings, and work from there.

Active pickups don't usually have very strong magnets, so you'll need to put them quite close to the strings. The best plan is to fret your high and low E strings at the highest fret, then adjust the pickups so that they're about 2mm from the strings. Play for a while, and make sure that they're not too close to the strings.

I have my neck pickup pretty much in line with the end of the fingerboard, then the bridge pickup straight in line with that.
thanks, I've not put them in yet but I'll start with the 2mm and go from there
theres like, no pull from actives, just p[assives.

but its up to you, more gain from pup's you put them closer, less, put them father away.
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