From what ive found out.

Us aussies at school get holidays in periods and not in one go.
like this.

Term 1 of school= 9weeks
holidays= 2weeks
Term 2 of school= 10 weeks
holidays= 2 weeks
Term 3 of school= 9 weeks
holidays=2 weeks
Term 4 of school= 10 weeks
holidays= 5 weeks

something like that (dont think its right but you get the idea.)

compared to overseas which get spring break and
other holidays in one go.

Does anyone rather the aussie way then overseas one?
I would prefer this way over here in Australia. But I'd like to try both,
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that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

The Australian way is fine to me, but I would prefer it to be all holidays.
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I think we should get summer holidays like the US because it gets TOO DAM HOT for school.
I think it's fine. It gives you time to have a break instead of 42 odd weeks of school in a row. So far for me it's been term 1 = 11 weeks, term 2 = 10 weeks. HSC in term 4 though, so i'm done before the end of october.
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