i seem to get stuck on a certain lick...and now i cant seem to play anything else...it will

always come back to that certain lick..wat do i do?
Try seeing other songs.
give yourself a break and go back to it laterrr
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No i think he means he always plays the same riff by incstinct.

I did the same for sodding ages. Fortunately got really good at it and incorporated it into what has no become my bands most successful song.

Unfortunately, however, Theres no way around it but to learn theory so you can improvise better and have more doors open to you.
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thanks hammetthead...i`ve been trying to play apply some other stuff...and im slowly getting out of it..
Not only playing other things but listening to as much different music as possible. Listening as much as you can is one the best ways to stay fresh in your playing. Make sure you're really listening though, not just hearing.
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