So, im thinking of forming some stuff with but, i dont know any drummers, if we have on guitar rythm and another with lead and then maybe another doing some other stuff through the songs, could we use a bassist to keep the main rythm of the song?



btw i made a thread SIMILAR to this which was closed and i dont know why lol
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you could keep the rhythm if the bassist has it ;-)
are you going to play acoustic or electric guitars? what stuff do you want to play? you also can pley a rhythm with ghostnotes or if you have an acoustic by knocking on the body
i suppose it could work if you're all really and i mean REALLY tight and you would definitely need to use a metronome

it really depends what sort of music you want to play but it can be done, although you would probably be better to either find a drummer or use a drum machine (personally i think the best idea for this is computer software like cubase or reason, there are literally thousands of others and most of them have some sort of drum mapping feature)

if you want to use bass to keep in time then you would probably need to use a hell of a lot of syncopation throughout all your songs so if thats the sort of sound you want then go for it! nothing wrong with experimentation!
We all have zoom pedals so we could have a metronome or a drum machine in it and it really depends the song, because to start out were not going to be playing our own written songs
It will work, but you will all have to work very hard on your timings and rythms, plus the momentum that the drums offer need to be traspassed onto one of the guitars. It will sound weird at first but you can really make something good out of it if you get the hang of working with no percussion
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That was my first thought, too. You can have percussion by hitting the body of an acoustic. But my recommendation would be to learn some grammar, maybe figure out how to spell rhythm, then start a band.
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