Would anyone from in and around the Enfeild, Hertford, Stevenage, Or Cambridge areas (for collecting and testing reasons obviously) be interested in buying my 4x12 cab and 100watt head unit?

I need a reasonably fast sale cause i'm buying a friends Marshall TSL100 (bit more metal for me xD)

I Want around £170 for it, which i think is quite reasonable, but I'm willing for people to make me sensible offers,

It's a:

H-H Electronic Vs Musician 100watt head unit
H-H Electronic 412 B.L. cab

this gear is around 20 years old, but I assure you it all works fine and you would be suprised at how good it sounds, I even use it in my metal band, its not the most metal looking thing but it most definatly does the job, this amp needs a good home and someone who would take care of it.

The company who made the amp was bought out some years ago so it is unlikely that youll be able to find it on the internet, but the company that bought them (Maj Electronics) still stocks all spare parts and some amps so if anything does go wrong youll still be able to source parts.

I called Maj Electronics to ask them a little bit about the value of the amp and they told me that a fully refurbished head and cab of the same as the one I'm selling would set you back around £350 so i think that this is a very good deal.

I'm going on holiday on monday for a week, so i will catch up with anyone who may be interested and I will try to post some pictures on here before i go, but if not then i will post them as soon as i get back!

so yeh message me or post here if youre interested or have any questions

If the distance thing isn't a problem, then i'm willing to take offers from further a field, but as long as its still buyer collects, i might be able to arrange delivery, but I'd have to arrange a fee for it cause fuels not cheap like this amp lol
so... er yeh BUMP xD

i've decided that i may consider trades if they are offered, but it all depends on what they are, no prefences, it would probably just be impulsive lol
sorry will get pics up asap, i'm currently in menorca but i will pm them to you if you want as soon as i get back
cheers for baring with me