Who else here's a fan? I just finished reading Love In The Time Of Cholera. I've read One Hundred Years of Solitude before and now I can confidently say he's the single greatest author I've read.

Discuss here.
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yeah who is he? Wait i misread. I have no i dea who that is. I dont keep track of my authors.
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lol, i wanted to read a hundred years solitute, the storyline and everything about it was pretty intersting i was just so busy thoguh, so i made up all the information for my project in english clas, i got a B lol. all i knew was that there was some kind of incest. and my teacher never read the book so i was lucky. but the few pages i did read were pretty awesome. he's got a kind of style that is like mystical and stuff.
We had to study him in my school in Spain.

He is one of my favorites as well.
Definitely one of the better authors in the Spanish speaking world.
I read some of his stuff in spanish. I didn't like it very much, just not my thing.
I started reading One Hundred Years of Solitude but got distracted, been meaning to get back to it and finish it, but there's just so many other books i want to read!
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My dad and sister both loved 100 Years of Solitude.

I've never read it, but I like the fact that all the characters basically all had the same name
viva colombia!

you should check out "chronicle of a death foretold" as well, its short, but definitely a good read. get the books in spanish if you can, the english versions are nowhere near as good.
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