Hi there, I'm new to amplified music (been jamming on my acoustic for the past 3 years)...

Some friends and I are starting a band, but we don't know much about equipment.

My friend has two 150 watt speakers, but we have no PA.

I saw a PA for sale at a local music store that was a 220 watt PA with 6 inputs. Will this PA be compatible with these speakers? Do I need a minimum of a 300 watt PA or is that the maximum?

Any help appreciated.

Also, the PA was 200 dollars, is this a good deal? It's self-powered, I think the employee said.
220 sounds good for these speakers (it would be 110 each side). The power (amp)input should ALWAYS be less than that of the speaker. You shouldn't even have it the same (as you mentioned 300), to be sure that you won't blow your speakers.

For example - I have a 150w amp (75 a side) and each 75w goes into a speaker than can handle 200. Never risk blowing your speakers.

$200 isn't the worst but u cud probably find one cheaper if you looked hard enough.

Hope this helped.
thanks, this is the info i needed. my friend thought that you needed AT LEAST as much power in the PA as the speakers, so thanks for clearing that up.

I'd shop around a bit more but we're really in a hurry to add vocals to our practices. I should be able to take this PA to a gig too, shouldn't i?

thanks again for the help
Yeah it'd be fine. A P.A. is useful to any band but if you're gonna play certain clubs/venues then you'll probably find most places like this have a house P.A.

Nevertheless - Great for any gigging band to own 1.