So, i'm basically looking for an onctave pedal to add to my board. Which is a good quality (yet still under £60/80) ocatve pedal?

All suggestions welcome, Thanks in advance

whammy/pog 200$

i think there is a boss one although im not sure of the quality of the pedal

EHX holy stain can go a third up and its only 100$

Edit: Here

Note that none of these are in your price range but you can't really get one for 80$
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That oughta do it.

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What do you want it to do? Go down? Up? Both?
How many octaves?
Wet/dry mix?

I'dsay with that price (not familiar with pounds, but assuming it's under 100 bucks...) you should look into Boss or Danelectro. Maybe Arion if you can find em. Check ebay too.
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