My Music Man has a blown speaker in it, won't make any noise or movement. it is a 2x12 combo amp with 150 watts, and it does have another speaker, but i do want to replace it. The shop it is at right now only carries Eminence speakers(he is all about how eminence is made in america and not about how celestion is made is China). So my 2 choices for replacing the speaker would be

A) replace one or both speakers with some kinda Eminence speaker

B) get my speaker re-coned, i beleive this would pretty much make it a new speaker.

i am pretty much asking advice on this, i know nothing on Eminence speakers and prefer celestion(but the only 2 celestion speakers i know that can handle 150 watt in a 2x12 would be the G12K-100 or the G12T-75 and i am not a big fan of those speakers). So if anyone could suggest an Eminence speaker i would much appreciate it. if not i will probably just re-cone the speaker.
eminence are nice speakers... you can email them for advice for the tones you're after.

you're right about celestion not having much choice in terms of higher-powered speakers.

i'm not too sure about reconing, though, that might be a good option too.
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