Ok... so i know this is yet another amp thread but i swear i almost have my decision made. I know the head that i am going to get. I just need a little help with the cab.....

So my head is going to be - Trace Elliot AH500-7......

now its just the cabinets i am having trouble with. Firstly i am assuming it doesnt matter a whole pile if you mix brands etc etc??

My first option would be to get a 4x10. So i have searched. It took a while to get the right one. Only problem is i have never used or seen a review on it. I have however heard good things about their basses in general. Anyone have any input? Warwick 411 Pro

I could also go and buy a 2x10 and a 1x15. Is it difficult to do hook to cabs to the one head. I dont have to arse around to ensure that right frequencies to to the right heads etc etc. If i was to do thgat then i would be thinking along the lines of Gallien Kreuger 115 GLX II with Gallien Kreuger GLX 210.

Would it be beneficial for my tone to have a 2x10 and 1x15 over a 4x10.... also is it okay to mix brands or would i be better off waiting and saving for a trace elliot cab. Also i cant seem to figure out if there is a second output. So does that mean if i was to get the 1x15 and 2x10 that i would have to wire them in series or some sh1t like that?

Apologies for the wall but any help would be greatly appreciated!!
I agree with the Mexican about the Goldlines. Though if you have the money for some regular GKs, then by all means. Or if you're really feeling rich, get you some SWR cab sexiness. Fenders are also pretty surefire.

If your head only has one output, then I think you'll have to wire them in sequence, though I'm not sure but you might be able to split the signal. And no, mixing brands is fine.
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I agree with watchingmefall. Get the warwick.

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