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Great russian guitar player!

"A wonderful new talent with deep feeling" - Sheila Jordan

"Very nice and peaceful" - Airto Moreira

"Nice music! Good work." - Pauline Oliveros

"You sound great" - Charlie Haden

"Great. Very cool" - Jeff Lorber

"There is something dark, nostalgic, haunting, and beautiful in your music" - Vernon Reid

"Very good music! You have the stuff" - Michael Henderson, bass player with Miles Davis, 1970-1975

"At last, an original voice! I love this ideas" - Ralph Carney, main sax player and arranger with Tom Waits

"This music is beautiful" - Badal Roy

"This sound is soulful and haunting - It urges you to hear more" - James Spaulding

"Awesome! Great work" - Alphonse Mouzon

"Good work! I believe in you!" - Tommy Emmanuel

"Lovely vibe" - Ned Rothenberg

"You seem to be doing fine" - Ted Reichman

"Very beautiful sounds. I like your music!" - Carlo Actis Dato

"Very nice and peaceful" - Airto Moreira

"Thanks for your beautiful music. You are a wonderful talent." - Brian Melvin

"You sound very, very good!" - Salvatore Bonafede

"Excellent Classical/Compositional approach to playing Jazz Guitar. Sounds Great!" - Paul Metzke

"I think, you've achieved the sound you're looking for" - Stu Goldberg, Mahavishnu Orchestra

"To find your own voice is more rewarding than sounding like the rest. You have your own voice." - Manolo Badrena, Weather Report, 1976-1977

"Great to hear this guitar work! Enigmatic and searching with a nice balance of clarity and opaqueness" - Brucre Eisenbeil

"Very nice. Original and tasteful" - Wayne Gabriel, lead guitar with John Lennon

"You manage to catch a great atmosphere!" - Tomas Bodin, The Flower Kings

"This music is lovely... veiled and kind of Satie-esque" - Anthony Coleman

"Keep up the good work!" - Michael Gregory (a.k.a. Michael Gregory Jackson)

"Glad to hear somebody taking chances again" - Lenny White, Return To Forever

"I like the vibe of these guitar tracks. Dark, moody, personal. Very nice" - Michael Blair, drummer with Tom Waits

"Keep up spirit alive" - Charli Persip, drummer with Dizzy Gillespie

"More toy tunes!" - Denman Maroney

"I love the experimental approach of your guitar. Very hypnotic." - Cal Bennett

"Sound great. I really dig the production and the creativity. It's on!" - Dave McMurray

"This guitar work is very original and mysterious. I'm really enjoying it." - Eric Bikales, organ player with Tom Waits

"Wow! It's as if you had an entire orchestra under your fingers. We all need more music like this." - Benny Russell

"Very nice!" - Doug Munro

"Very creative approach!" - Chris Burnett

"Music up at last!" - Robert W. Getz

"This music is not only beautiful but rare. The feeling is from a place few know about and even fewer visit." - Stan Harrison

"Your minimalist sound has something of really sensitive. Your guitar seems to be alive. Strange feeling." - Bérénice Pouplet, Alcôve

"Very esoteric conception
Peace and loneliness
Like memories from the past
Like pictures from the future." - Chakradar

"This is music made not for the latest "trends" or the "marketplace" but for the sake of the music itself. It is performed honestly, without unnecessary flash. It is simultaneously contemplative, nostalgic, forward-thinking and personal. Bravo!" - Erroll Zastre, Second World

"Anyone can play the guitar but you tell stories with your strings. Stories of love and happiness and pain and regret. Great stuff!" - Joel Vallie

"This music makes me feel free" - Gyusz, d.e.c. band