The more I look at Valve Senior, the more I want to ditch my modified Blues Junior and go for the new guy. Main reason is that Valve Senior seems to have more modibility (assuming concept is similar to Princeton Reverb, i can probably make a Mesa Mark I out of it, and make it very high gain). Problem is that:
a) Blues Junior is about as compact as you can go... and i like compact.
b) I have already mod my blues junior
c) I already placed some investment on it. I am uncertain if I can sell it, as it looks beat up.

So I am wondering is my GAS is justify, or should I stick with Blues Junior and keep modding? I want an amp that not only sound good, but is mod friendly.
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i think the release date has been pushed back on the VS. also, i'd want to try it before i bought it (though if you're willing to mod, that might be less of a concern).
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