This is my singer Adams cover of dancing days. He just ripped the vocals out and put his in. Please rate and comment.

Post any advice, comments, compliments, and constructive criticism.

Thanks Guys!

edit: LOL forgot the link~
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Great vox! Bang on. It would be cool to hear Adam singing this one with a band.

(Check out my cover of the Harvey Danger song please... it's in my profile and currently on page 1)
Dude sounds pretty damn good. Wish there were less FX but whatever. good job
i just sang two takes on a Plantronics USB DSP-500 headset, listening to the music only. i did get a fresh listen to scott weiland's version though a few times before.

didnt use any effects at all on either of the two tracks, but possibly need to synch it up better or do seperate octaves.

maybe double tracking is too much and sounds all effected out? vocals are doubled in the stp version as well though with weiland's voice, especially in the chorus.

thanks for the input btw guys
Not saying its bad, definately not bad. It sounded like FX to me, but if its just a quirk of your recording then I cant blame you. 9/10 man.
usually I got problems with Led Zeppelin's covers because I guess no one can do it as they did

but hey that one was good, good vocals
Great vocals man!

Im not familiar with the song, but your vocals seem very good. Perfect pitch for the song.

Its not effects either, Just the way the two lyric tracks sync'd as said. I think its quiet cool anyway!
Sweet dude. Sorry for being abit late on the commenting hehe
I posted a someting on your vid.