Hey, I am selling away my Laney LC50 tube amp. It still works great, and it has great tone, but I'm in need of the money and don't need a 50 watt tube amp (going off to college away from home, bringing my Vox AD15VT to my apartment.). May be in need of retubing, because there is a bit of buzzing noise when gain and volume is cranked, but its nothing too bad and is fixable i've been told.

If you want soundclips, check out a few of my covers on youtube (bad recording quality due to webcam mic.)

if you're interested let me know. I'm in indianapolis and am willing to negotiate
My Gear:

Schecter Gryphon Ruby Red

Dunlop Original Crybaby
Jekyll and Hyde Ultimate Overdrive

Laney LC50
Vox AD15VT Valvetronix

My Youtube Channel, check it out!