I've been trying to put a band together for about a year or so now, and I thought I actually had one started a few weeks ago but now I'm not so sure. My friend and I are really into metal, metal of all kinds. He listens to a lot of Lamb of God and more Nu Metal than anything else I would say, and I listen to everything from Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, and Venom to My Dying Bride, Opeth, Tyr, and Primus. We both share a love for bands like Slayer and My Dying Bride, just naming a few specific bands there I am aware of the genre leap there.

Here's where it gets tricky.

He wants to play guitar. He doesn't own a guitar, he's never played one before, and he wants to play guitar. The guy we found to play drums is really only there because he already owns a drum kit. He listens to punk more than metal, and I don't really think he can even play the drums. We don't have a bass player or a singer as of now.

We had a girl (I know) agree to sing for the band. Then she told me that she didn't want to come up with any lyrics or melodies and that she would do background screaming. I kicked her out.

We had another guy, a friend of mine, agree to play guitar and the original plan was for myself to play bass. The problem with that is the two main founders of the band that are bringing this together want a metal band, but this dude listens to Hawthorne Heights and Panic At The Disco. He's also got a overtly Christian mother that grounds him when he doesn't go to church, so I doubt he'll be allowed to even practice some of the stuff we want to play.

So that leaves myself. I mainly play guitar, I own two guitars and one bass guitar. I've been playing since I was 14 or so and I've just recently gotten to the point where I can play fairly well. I can play fast, songs like Angel of Death and Zombie Ritual, but I prefer to play songs like Porcelain Heart by Opeth and Catherine Blake by My Dying Bride. Slower, but more beautiful in my opinion. I don't like to do extensive solos like many rock guitar players, I prefer to focus on the rest of the song instead of on my own little part of glory in it. To put it in perspective, Tom Gabrielle Fischer is my hero. That should explain the style I'm into.

So what should I do? The friend I was starting the band with asked if he could borrow my ****** Hondo strat knock off, and I haven't seen him since; excluding the time he came into where I work last week. I really want to start a metal band, but I live in a very small town in Texas that has a population of 523 and 12 churches. Should I move and try where ever I move to?
So its kinda clear that the pool of people you can draw from isnt great..

I wouldnt move for the sake of a band tbh, but if you really have your heart set on it then i would start the band first to make sure there is an interest.....

Also im assuming that, if you have the capacity to move for the sake of a so far non-existant band, then you have the capacity and your own mode of transport to travel around to other towns where u might have more luck,

First of all make absolutely sure that the 'band' u have going atm isnt going to work, and that there are no other people intersted in playing with you.(put up notices in magazines, supermarkets,music stores etc)

Then travel to any town within a half an hour or an hour of yours(or however far you are willing to travel) and start scouting for musicians there.....

If you still have no luck, and you really are dedicated to the band and willing to move then i guess off with you... Good luck in your new home!

On a sidenote, are you totally against one person projects. Or even a two man band with ur friend using a drum macjin or backing tracks??
The whole move thing was kind of a joke. I'm not going to move for a band, but I'm gonna be a senior in high school this year and I'll be moving for college after that so I guess I could wait until then. I might be able to start a band with one of the guys I work with, but I doubt it. It just pisses me off that one of my best friends would finally tell me "hey lets start a band" and then take off with one of my guitars. That just seems like complete crap.

And I really do want to start this band, I've kind of got a one man project right now but it's nothing serious. It's a joke band, like Dethklok but Black Metal. Fast, dark, and a lot of references to Satan and Gaahl.