I read an article by Eddie Van Halen recently in which he talks about figuring out music by ear by slowing down the songs on his record player. I was wondering if there was any way to do this with CDs or MP3s? All I want to do is slow them down so I can figure them out on guitar. Anyone know a way?
i can do that on my mp3 player!

some of the old CD players have an A/B repeat where u can play the same part over and overr
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i think even wndows media player has one today (an in key-pitcher)
a nice one is the amazing slow downer, demo downloadable for free
and well pretty much all mixing software has it, so you can choose any of those too
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Yes, if you have the song on your computer, Windows Media Player can slow down or speed up your songs.
There is a next generation software recently released for changing tempo and/or pitch called mTrax by TerraSofta. It is a Music Player for Musicians. You don't have to deal with one song at a time like the current slow down softwares. When you load the software, it loads all of your music and you can now make as many sections as you wish, slow down the tempo without pitch change and vice versa. You can create gig lists, practice lists, or just listen to all of your tunes. Check it out at www.TerraSofta.com