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This is my first melodic death metal piece. Its heavily influenced by In Flames. Ill C4C asap now that my sound works again the more detailed crit you give the more detailed crit I give back.
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pretty good...decent...but quite generic aswell... it was typical sounding...nothing memorable that stood out....that being said...you did a very good job, and that was a pretty solid package...well thats it from me.. im too tired... continue making music..peace.
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Meh. That was really bland.

The first melody sounded off, and the second melody is just bad. The 'riffs' started to all sound the same. The rhythm and chords were all basically the same.
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Rifts A + B + C all sound too similar, try to make them more individual and less similar for the lead guitar.

The rythem guitar needed some more variation as well. Dont get me wrong, the rifts are good it just needs variation.

As with the bass, please find a way to add variation to that as well. Try moving the bass line up an octave for certain parts or add a bass fill.

The drums for rift C need alot of work. Try making it more agreeable with the feel on the song.

But I liked the solo and intro alot.


This song has potential, fix it up and it'll b a 8.5 at least

crit mine!

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riffs sounded similar , solo was good, drums need work, mayb it'll be better if you didn't repeat the riffs or only repeated one or two not all.
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The riffs all kind of blended together, but at least they were good riffs that were blending together. Solo was great, the only other problem was the drums in Riff C.

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I love the intro it's very cool.

All three riffs are good, they're all memorable. They do all kind of sound the same like most people have mentioned, but personally it's not the riffs I would change, but the rhythm guitar. Like for example in riff B you've got these breaks where the lead stops and the rhythm is playing. Why not throw in an interesting riff or fill with the rhythm, instead of just playing the chord stuff. Have something that interacts with riff B and bring it out more.

This seems to be the case with all three riffs. The rhythm is so similar for all of them that they just meld together.

Love the solo minus bars 86-88. The rest are great.

You might also consider throwing some kind of bridge/breakdown/chorus/whatever between the riffs to separate them even more.

It's not nearly as bad as a lot of replies are making it out to be. I can still remember the melody in my head 5 minutes after listening, and that may not sound like much, but most songs I listen to from here, no matter how good are not memorable after only one listen, yours is, so you're definitely on to something.

Anyway, my stuff is linked in my sig if you want to C4C.