Ok people, my $2,500 Marshall half stack IS NOT A CUPHOLDER FOR YOUR BEER! WTF!?

I dont care if the gig has an open bar and you need to put your beer down to jam, if I walk onstage and roadies or other musicians have left solo cups sitting on my head it REALLY PISSES ME OFF!

The vents that let the tubes cool are just asking for something to be spilled into them. I had to yell at three or four people last night, its hard to have a good time while worrying about this. Other guitarists out there please be nice and put your beer on the floor, im sure everyone would appreciate it. thank you.
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Ever heard of these things called fists? They're really handy in situations like that.
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i'd get pissed aswel, i mean if one drink went into it, the persons drink it was, would be swallowing the liquid they spilt, and buying me a new head
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Ever heard of these things called fists? They're really handy in situations like that.


that would severely piss me off too.

I get pissed off if anyone puts a drink NEAR my gear.
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Take the advice from Erock in another thread and if someone sets a beer on your amp, chug it in front of them and thank them for it.


if its on your amp then its yours
Yeah, put a sign on your head that says, "If you set ANYTHING down on this piece of equipment, it's ****ing MINE."

Soda sucks.
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Get a Head cover.

Unless you're talking about a flight case in which the front and back are open, you're closing off all air to get to the tubes, which would withhold all the heat under the cover, which has potential to cause problems.
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