One day you will see all the pain, one day u will see, one day.......

ill make u believe the sorrow, pain and anger you've caused, make you see what you've done make you see what was, what could have been,,

you could have helped me through the dark but you left me blind, you saw the way, you didnt tell, you left me walking, walking through the empty corridors of my heart,

u could have saved me from it, u could have saved me from the bitter cold, the emptiness the darkness nothing. U could have.

Fix'd, sorry i was rushing to type it before i forgot it so once again sorry. please comment, ignore spelling mistakes.
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contractions look horrible without apostrophes.
use either add the apostrophes or avoid the contractions completely.

u you.

paim pain.

amd and.

fom from.

emptyness emptiness.

darknesss darkness.

size 5 type just makes the clumsiness of this more obvious.
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