Ive got a 15 year old Mexican Fender Strat which is very good per se. I was looking to get a new guitar for some heavier stuff when I thought of replacinng my pickups instead of spending lots of cash on a new guitar. I want neck and middle pickups that can give me a nice Jimi hendrix sound at the same time it can do Sweet Child O Mine. And I wanted a stacked humcker for Ac/Dc, The Who, GNR and Metallica stuff. I wanted to spend around 250 dollars for it.

Also, are there any tips to improve my guitar???


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Yeah man, check out the DiMarzio Fast Track 2 for the bridge position; everything from mild breakup to some really crushing riffery are to be found within! For the middle or bridge positions, check out DiMarzio's HS series pickups, they're pretty jammin' and may just be the sound you are looking for.

Those are all stacked pickups, but the HS series is designed to sound like singles whereas the Fast Tracks are not.

EDIT: This forum is more geared towards building and extensive modding, not so much product info type stuff. This thead kinda doesn't belong here, try the GG&A or simply the EG forums next time. Good luck!

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