Hey guys
if I was to coat one of my picks with flint (or something like that), what are the odds that itll spark when I strum? cuz i mean imagine a sweep solo like that
According to me

Sparks + guitar strings = BADDDDDD


Sparks + line 6 spider or MG = Orgasmic

so flint......................................

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Sparks + line 6 spider or MG = Orgasmic

lmfao @ ^

Yeah sparks and guitar strings AND electronic stuff like pickups that.... yeah.... lets just say don't play with fire
GEAR worth mentioning
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Try it, then post pics..

if you can
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Pfft, you bring up the idea but I bet you won't even try it.

It won't catch fire anyways. There's nothing to catch the sparks. I.E. Lighter fluids.
lighter fluid covered guitars sound much nicer though, see how it sounds with your flint pic
the pic theif strikes again

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Good luck making one of those picks.
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Why not just grab a piece of flint from the local rock dump and smack it until you get a vaguely pick-shaped piece?