This is the first draft an acoustic song I have been thinking of for a while. The measures don't all add up but this is on purpose as some words are meant to be drawn and and pauses are added in certain places. There are some verses still stuck in my head and a few I might take out. I would love any criticisms you can give me. Thanks.

Trivially Marie

Don't you worry 'bout runnin babe
I realize that it's time you go
You see I talked to your minister babe
He told me evrythin' I needed to know
All an' all I'm just feeling kind of hurt
It's a hurt I'll do my best not to show

If you worry 'bout hurricanes babe
You can bet that one's gona' come
Go back to your preacher babe
Because we both know he's the one
All an' all I don't think shake this curse
My head suddenly seems to weigh a tonne

This don't feel like a victory babe
But it still don't feel like a loss
I talked to your congressman babe
He's still taking orders from the boss
All an' all he just seems so blissfully inert
I was quite relieved to see him sleeping on the cross

Don't you worry bout your skin babe
It'll grow back some day
I saw you in the prison babe
Yeah you seemed to look okay
All an' all I don't think it could get much worse
Well I guess that's a good thing anyway

I wrote you a letter yesterday babe
I think it's gonna arrive in the fall
Do you remember my pen was stolen babe
And I'm still feelin' sick after all
All an' all you'll probably through it in the dirt
Either that or you'll pin it to your wall

No point worryin' 'bout tomorow babe
And there ain't no point in thinkin' about you
I met a new troubadour babe
She's got her very own pair of eyes too
All an' all I'll just be walkin' in the desert
Yeah I think that's what I'm gonna do

There ain't no use thinkin' 'bout it babe
You might as well just leave it be
I'm just trying to get younger babe
I'm tired of bein' stuck up in your tree
All an' all I think I'll take up rent in a hearse
That's the only place I can really ever be free

I'm not worryin' about the future babe
I'm still stuck in the past
Time moves so slowly babe
But you go so fast
All an' all I'm just feelin' kind of hurt
Take a picture babe, this feelin' ain't gonna last

EDIT: Just touched up a few parts and changed a few words.
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