So whats your top 5 favourite biographies/auto-biographies?

Can be anyone!
Mine are:
William Regal - Walking the golden mile
Bruce Campbell - If chins could kill
Peter Kay - The sound of laughter
Johny Cash - Cash
Ranulph Fiennes - Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
Motley crue - The Dirt
Nikki Sixx- Heroin Diaries
Marilyn Manson - Long hard road outta hell
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You'll Never Walk Alone
Slash - Slash
Nikki Sixx - Heroin Diaries
Anthony Keidis - Scar Tissue
Heavier than Heaven (Kurt Cobain)
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haven't read that many but i will say that slash's auto-biography was very entertaining, definitely a good read.....
I'm reading the auto-biography of B.B. King right now. It turns out he was a horny devil.
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I'm reading the auto-biography of B.B. King right now. It turns out he was a horny devil.

What's that one called?
I will have to look into it
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
Bill Hicks - Love All the People
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Slash - Slash

I want to read Nikki Sixx's and Motley Crues'.
Scar Tissue - Anthony Kiedis

best book ive ever read along with To Kill a Mockingbird
im reading one about a German girl called Cristiane F

she got hooked on heroin at the age of 14 and its bascially her life story

shes only recently just quit and shes 40 add now

REALLY REALLY good book....................also VERy veRY expencive if you want the English version
i quite like biographies/autobiographies/memoirs and that sort of thing some i like are:

waris dirie - desert flower
adeline yen mah - falling leaves
frank mccourt - angela's ashes & 'tis
roald dahl - boy: tales of childhood
julie gregory - sickened
marian pretzel - outwitting hitler
loung ung - first they killed my father

can't think of any others at the moment.
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I like Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini.
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I've been meaning to get the William Regal one for ages and still haven't. I really liked Mick Foley's (the first one) and Lemmy's.
Nikki Sixx - The Heroin Diaries
The Dirt: Confessions of the Worlds most notorious rock band

Theyre the best ive ever read...
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Nikki Sixx
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Bill Hicks - Love All the People

I adore that book, I've read it twice, not a biography, really, just a Bill compilation.

I'm rereading a Bill Hicks biography actually, it's called Agent of Evolution, written by his friend Kevin Booth, a brilliant book, he had one mad life. The end of the book does get pretty depressing, with his cancer and all.
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Motley Crue: The Dirt was the best.
I've got the Heroin Diaries soundtrack, just haven't read the book yet.