Just wondering which would be better and if anyone has these what kind of tone will I get (Clean and Distorted) and please don't tell me to get bareknuckle pickups i've already heard enough about those.
The Invader is horrible! The output is way too hot.

If you want an active pickup get the Seymour Duncan Blackout - it blows EMGs out of the water!
Invader, like he said are very hot pickup. I need to say that I like the sustain and harmonics that Invaders can provide.

Blackout over EMG... Blackout have a very organic sound. Very heavy and thick but still very versatile.

Blackout are better distored than Invader
Invader have a bit better clean sounding to me... but enough to make a difference.

But if you need to change for two pickup I'll go for Invader/JB over a pair of Blackout. But if you don't care about the bridge... go for the Blackout and personnally that what I would do.