I've played guitar for quite a while, and ever since I started I've always rested the guitar on my left leg and help the pick with my index finger, middle finger, and thumb. I am self-taught so I guess that's how I picked up these habits. Is there any disadvantage of playing like this? So far I haven't been able to find any and was wondering if anyone that knows more "advance" techniques could see this as being a problem trying to learn something. Thanks
errr i suppose 'Hybrid picking' would be harder but you could just use your ring finger and pinky but then again the pinky is kinda crap so you'd have to train it
No, just start practicing with only your thumb and 1st finger (index?)
All you have to do is stop using your middle finger.

You free up that extra finger for one, you don't need 2 fingers and a thumb to hold the pick.

There aren't any realy disadvantages but it's quite easy to learn the more common way of holding it so why not?
I used to play electric guitar with no pick using my fingernail. It only took a few weeks to learn using a pick and the sound is a lot better imo
A lot of people rest their guitar on their left leg, most people playing classical guitar do because that is the proper way to do it.

As for the pick, there is no right or wrong, but there is ways that are more efficient. There are professionals who hold the pick odd, but it looks very strange. I would suggest learning how to hold the pick the most common way but, like I said it doesn't matter. It's just about looks.
you could keep like that forever, the disadvantages are finger picking and hybrid picking, your middle finger is better at doing both rather than your ring or pinky
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ok thanks...played for about 10 minutes with the pick betwen my thumb and 1st finger and its comfortable already...but i think im gonig to stick with having the guitar on my left leg. my arm seems too long to have it on my right
Having the guitar on your left leg is called 'classical position'. Lots of people practice that way, easier access to frets, and it's also alot more similar to what it feels like when playing standing up.

As for your way of holding the pick; use your thumb and index. The way that most people do it is with the side of the index. So the hand kind of in a 'fist shape' with the pick about at the thumbs knuckle and the index side at about the first knuckle from the tip.

Hopefully that wasn't too confusing.
Nothing wrong with having the guitar on your left leg. That is the common classical position.
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