even he doesnt think so, he said so in an interview that they struggled to find a singer when they were startin out and so he was stuck with the position of vocalist
i agree with alexi...
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He's ok. But the musicianship in that band is much better.

Although I would have to say his lyrics are the most pointless in metal music today.
not really. his skill at guitar is pretty impressive, but vocally, there isnt much. and his lyrics are awful.
I think hes a pretty good vocalist now, much much better then when the band started.

and +1 ^
i dont think COBs main concern is with lyrics or evem the vocals, the musicianship is the point of the band
well alexi laiho was no scale variation in his vocals.....and thats what makes him sound soo good live.......james hetfield n eddie vedder are some examples of vocalists who have awesome control over their voice.......thats why they actually sing
Bad guitarist,bad vocalist,bad songwriter imo
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