how would one go about achieving tone similar to his? Amp settings, strings, plectrums, and effect setups would be nice.

Also, his playing is just so damn fluid...any ideas on tackling such a fine and crafty way of playing guitar?

Just for clarification, I'm reffering to Robert Fripp of King Crimson fame. Mainly looking to emulate his early career with KC, up until about '74 (last album recorded with KC at that time would be Red)
get a les paul custom, and use something like a marshall that's slightly crunchy, but boosted with a fuzz pedal (like a fuzz face or big muff). clean sounds are mainly Roland JC-120s if i remember correctly. He also used looping (i'm not sure during KC, but definitely after the initial formation of the group). Now he's got some huge rack setup that's just a bunch of proccessors and SS power amps into weird speakers, but classic KC is a slightly overdriven amp with a fuzz in front.
He uses "pretty thin" discontinued tortoiseshell picks, that come to a point. Tortex Sharps are similar, try using the yellow or green ones (.73 and .88mm respectively, I think). You can find a whole bunch of stuff online about his playing technique and thought processes, although it is scattered.
My huge KC fan friend was toying around with my Traynor YCV50 blue with some pedals and got a "red"-ish tone.

Also as far as I can remember he used Hiwatt Dr-103s at a certain point.
Re: fripp picks: he's using triangular picks made by a guy in Japan. They're made out of a substance called ebonite, and they're really great on steel string acoustics (I still prefer ultex jazz for electric). You can order them at http://www.guitarcraftguitars.com . I believe Robert also plays the guitars sold at the same website.

AFAIK, Robert doesn't play through amps anymore but goes through a Roland VG-88 (or rather, a couple of them!) direct into the soundboard. He's actually got a pretty complex setup he calls the "Solar Voyager" (google it).
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I know I can get a good Fripp sound on my Toneport with a Dlx Reverb, Chorus, and Comp. I've pretty much nailed the "Frame By Frame" tone.
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I'm pretty sure Fripp still uses his limited supply of tortoise-shell picks, and the triangular guitar craft picks are made to emulate them, but are used by GC students.