i love ebony fretboards. They have such a smooth feeling to them, and look good if there all black
Ebony rules. I prefer it to rosewood and maple.
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It feels awesome.
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How do they feel compared to rosewood???

if i could help it...all my guitars would have ebony, it sexifies the guitar...nice rig you have coming, id trade my hellraiser for that alexi any day...
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Ebony rules. I prefer it to rosewood and maple.

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Ebony's got the hardness and brightness of maple, without the finish. Awesome stuff. Really smooth. Can't say I dislike any of the fretboard material variations though. I've got em all.

I built a strat 2 years ago and used a mighty mite birdseye maple/ebony neck. (pic in profile)
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I like smooth and hard fretboards. I like maple better than rosewood too. So Mabye I will really like ebony

yeah, sounds like it.
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Ebony wood is generally the longest.

Oh, and once you go black you'll never go back
O.o, i think i know why he is asking this, but where to you plan to buy a ESP LTD Alexi-600SE?
i am used to a rosewood fretboard which sounds a little warmer and is easier for me to play on, but ebony fretboards are easier to take care of and have a brighter tone