I haven't made a thread since 2006 so here it is.
A very good black metal band with amazing mindblowing melodies and an atmosphere like no other.
The production and engineering in this album fit perfectly to the mood and the melodies of this band, I'm talking about the album "Crystal Palace"

I couldn't find any links to this band so if any of you know this band and can share a link please do so, I'm too drunk to search the internet.

Discuss about awesome Swedish bands miah.
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Yes, Forlorn rule, Magnus Helin and Crister Olsson are really good guitar players, Forlorn is Doom Metal at it's best.
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the black metal one is norwegian the swedish one is doom lol

I've never heard of the Norwegian one, are they good?

Also there is Forlorn Legacy, a melodic death metal, they are pretty good.
forlorn norway is the one th ethread starter is talking about and yes the doom one you mentioned is the swedish one lol
I meant the norwegian one, as I said, I'm too drunk
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.