Hey guys, i started bass 3 weeks ago, i thought i was progressing well, i was playing things like 12 bar blues twice as fast, but now i'm hitting frets incorrectly and constantly getting the buzzing noise like i did when i started, i'm much slower and accidently muting notes. Are my hands just really tired from playing? Is there some excersizes i can do to gain strength, stamina, etc?
better answers in bass forum i imagine
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Sounds like either you're tired from playing or you're just having a bad day; it happens to us all and the only thing you can really do is go away and do something else for a while and come back to it later.
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just slow back down and speed up in very gradual steps you'll get it back.
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listen to the song focus on the ass and play really really slowley
try and hear each individual note
make sure your using the right ta or guitar pro or what ever u use
haha had the same problem man - and YES! there is a miracle solution - all this can be yours for the low price of $9.95/mo plus shipping and handling haha jk

but seriously the best thing i found was to not just practice aimlessly because tho practice is good, its boring too at times, so instead of just scales and appreggios (excellent stamina practice on bass) just play around, get to know the neck better than just memorizing notes, patterns and numbers, get a feel for where everything is and how the frets get larger and smaller dipending of where you are on the neck.. thats really the only way to do it, or at least that i found:P
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as you get to playing more your fingers will be asked of more and you'll feel tired faster, take breaks now and then and concentrate on playing the things you know to the best of your ability. It all changes are you progress so don't worry just keep attention to playing accurately and enjoyably.

There are many exercises you can do, UG has tonnes of stuff, chromatic exercises hammer ons pull offs scales and loads more, playing anything will help your finger strengh, but remember when you feel the burn, stop for 5 or 10 minutes, it never helps to play through.