soo i got my gear covered, got my new valveking, sorted out the effects..now i just need a guitar..just..

so im going tomorrow to check em out, 3 models got my attention so far:

a Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom...(the one with the 'bucker by the neck, i'm guessing its a MIM)
a '62 MIJ Fender Custom Telecaster
a Fender Deluxe Player Strat

i got a pretty good budget so i got the prices covered really,
im basically asking if people have experience from any of these, and input would be appreciated!
i play lots of blues, classic rock, led zeppelin, hendrix, but also GnR stuff and even have interest in some metallica stuff, basically i like having the option, but mainly the styles i mentioned first take my time =)
does the guitarrs i listed cut it?
ive never owned a tele, but from what ive read/heard/seen i get the impression they have a hard time handling the heavier sounds, no?

advice, please?

thanks all !
What you listed will be great with the first listed, but you might have trouble getting a good sound for Mettalica, maybe even GnR.
And some Tele's can handle the heavier stuff, but they are the ones with EMGs in them like Jim Root's
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well personally I'd buy guitar first then amp but you got a good amp picked out anyways. Also what effects you getting? I would wait which guitar you purchased first then try the effect with your own guitar. See, when I had a Strat with single coils my Dyna Comp was great, but I just can't get it to sound good with my Kramer Focus 1000. So you'll still get a distortion pedal for example but might not be the one you were thinking about at first till you try some in the store or do like i do. Buy, try in the comfort of your own home and if you don't like it return it or exchange for something else :P
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Get a fat strat, coil split the humbucker.

doesnt have to be a fat strat specifically, but anything with a bucker in the bridge that has a coil tap would do the job just fine
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sounds rather logical i guess
though i have no idea on how to coil tap my buckers =(

guess if i did that with a tele it would still keep its twang, no? =)
i have the 72 tele custom and i love it!! it is incredibly versatile in my opinio. blues, classic rock, metal, no problem! (with the right amp settings) it has beautiful cleans too. i cannot stress how much i love this guitar!
hehe im seriously looking forward to tomorrow, gotta try them babies out !
thanks everyone for the help =)

EDIT: further advice always appreciated =)
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You can get all those sounds with any of those guitar except for Metalica and GnR. It doesn't matter if you get a humbucker in th bridge or not, your not guna be able to get the sound.
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so i went today, check them all out..
gotta say that 62 CIJ custom tele was incredibly nice to play on, i loved the neck and it just felt great.
i tried out a MIM big block tele too..it was not bad either, pretty fun with the extra single coil in the middle.
sadly they didnt have the classic 72 tele custom with the bucker, so i couldnt try it...

either way, i had great fun playing on them teles.
something is bothering me though, i never owned a tele really, so im worried if i would say get in to more metal than blues eventually, would it take it? im guessing no, right?
i love guitars being able to be versatile, but then that tele was awesome to play on =/

try getting a tele thats loaded with EMG's maybe? some people may disagree with me, but they really do clean up quite nicely. there not purely metal.
also, next time you go to check out some guitars, ask the salesman for a guitar that has a coil tap (a coil tap is just one of the knobs that you can push or pull that splits buckers into single coils) you dont have to do anyting special. pull for a single, push back in for a bucker. i shall reccomend a schecter tempest custom. i can get any sound i want out of it, even with the coil tap.
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What he said. You are a wise man for not buying into the hype.

ya hear that...he thinks im wise
You could replace those single coils with stacked HBs.
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