I've basically decided my nexst electric guitar will be a hagstrom mmy question is, would it be better to buy a Hagstrom Super Swede, or a Hagstrom swede? i've looked at the specs, and the only difference i can see is price and that the Super Swede has a Coil Tap switch, while the Swede has a treble/bass boost.

any guidance will help
I've had a couple of Super Swedes and they are really great guitars for the money (or any amount of money really). I thought the Super Swede had some extra binding and better pickups, not to mention nicer tops (if not a solid color). I'm probably wrong on that, but you definitely should be happy with it either way. They just feel like a really well built guitar and they sound great (at least the Super Swedes do).
Hagstrom guitars are alright the only problem being they are made in China and come with faulty electronics. You could get a much better guitar for the same price such as a godin freeway classic made in Canada and assembled in the US rather than China.
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well, I might replace the pickups with EMG's or something. Also, i may get a vintage one made in Sweden
There is also a difference in the scale length between the Swede and SuperSwede.
There was nothing wrong with the electronics in the new Swedes that I tried. The action,fit and finnish are exactly the same as my vintage 1971 Swede the only difference I can see is maybe the longevity of them. I don't think you will be playing one of the chinese ones 30 years from now. but that can be said about a lot of the guitars out there today.
They are a good bang for the buck guitar....
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If you can get a Swedish one, get it! Sweden = Quality.

But the old originals mostly have bolt-on necks just so you know.
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Okay no one even answered his question...

For the Super Swede's capabilities I embellish it a bit, but my review of it is pretty honest as to it's capabilities, and whatever you do do NOT replace the pickups with EMG's, that'd be ruining the guitar's tone.

I can't say for sure about the swede but I believe it has a shorter scale, which means it doesn't have as much snap to the attack as a super would. Really it's just apples and oranges, my recommendation is to put them side by side at your nearest music shop, get an amp with two channels or more, set enjoyable settings on the amp, and DON'T touch the controls from there on out. On each channel simply switch the guitars back and forth and find which suits your tastes, IMO the super swede would be more versatile because the tone knobs are still available, whereas other reviewers have stated that the swede gets muddy under distortion and is difficult to balance to a non muddy tone..
That's all I know on this matter so sorry I couldn't be of more help
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If you can get a Swedish one, get it! Sweden = Quality.

But the old originals mostly have bolt-on necks just so you know.

FWIW ... My 70's Swede has a set neck.