Ok well I really want to get a micro cube (cause im on the go alot) but im not sure which one. both look really good and it seems that a lot of people like both of them a ton.

I play lots of metal and SOAD and hardcore stuff so that gives you and idea what I play.

Im just trying to figure out which one is better.


I have a microcube and i love it.

I think it's the best practice amp in the universe to be honest.
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I have the da5 but don't play a lot of metal. If I did I would have chosen the MicroCube.
the da5 I think is built for a softer sound, dont take my word for it though, I'd go with the microcube...
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If you play metal and heavier music then go for the microcube. If you mostly play anything else go for the da5.