Poll: Which Solid Rosewood Acoustic?
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Larrivee 03R
13 59%
Simon and Patrick Showcase
0 0%
Tacoma DR
2 9%
Tanglewood Heritage
1 5%
Epiphone Masterbilt
6 27%
Voters: 22.
I am looking at an all solid wood guitar, rosewood back and sides, somewhere around $1000.

I recently tried a number of acoustic guitars at different shops. I have narrowed my choices to the following:

- Larrivee 03R
- Simon and Patrick Showcase
- Tacoma DM
- Tanglewood Heritage
- Epiphone Masterbilt

Looking for some input from people who have tried these models (or others). Thanks for the help, it will be interesting to hear what you think.
^ Actually Epiphone Masterbilts are very nice guitars.

As for me, I would go with the Larrivee. I own an OM-03, which although not rosewood, is really great. I played a Larrivee rosewood dread, and it was really great also, I'm just not really a dread kind of guy.
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Out of those, I like the Larrivee the best, though I have no experience with either the S+P or the Tanglewood. I would also add the Alvarez MD90 to the list...thats the guitar I've owned for the past three years and its broken in quite nicely and was a terrific value when I purchased it.

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I would get the most likely get the masterbilt or the larrivee. I'm leaning more towards the masterbilt though because I'm not a fan of Larrivees, generally. The only Larrivee I've ever liked is their limited edition sapele body guitars.
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get the masterbilt =D .. i love mines .. i dont think ill ever get another acoustic .. and iv went through 5 acoustics already
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I played a rosewood bodied Tanglewood (a TW1000SR from memory) the other day and it was awesome. It was about the price range you're talking about so if the Heritage is anything like it then it would definitely be worth considering.
i also want to recommend checking out the alvarez md90 or md95.

out of the guitars you have listed, i'd probably get the larrivee or save a few hundred and go with the epiphone. it just depends on which you like better.
All the guitars in your list are nice. The thing with solid wood acoustics is that no 2 guitars will sound the same. You can have 2 of the exact same guitar and play them side by side and one will sound great and the other will sound horrible. The best thing to do is play all the guitars on your list and then see which you like best.
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I appreciate all the replies. Tom183, I'm pretty sure that is the same Tanglewood model I played and it did sound great.

I've heard great things about the Alvarez models but the one dealer here did not have any in, so I may go back in the future.

That's good advice CorduroyEW. I am leaning towards a couple, the only problem is most of the models are located at different locations, in different sound rooms, etc. I am going to go around and try them all again pretty soon and see if can narrow my list.

Thanks again.
Has anyone tried the Simon and Patrick? I also saw a Seagull 20th anniversary solid mahogany model that looked like a good deal at $600.
Simon & Patricks arent nearly as common as the other guitars, so it's no surprise that nobody's suggesting them.
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I guess you're right, but Godin guitars are pretty popular in Canada. I see you're a fan with the Art & Lutherie and Seagull models. I've played a number of Godin models, including these two, and most have been really nice guitars. Out of those on my list the S&P was one of my favorites.
The Larrivee should be pretty damned nice (I've played the L03 and own an L05), they are extremely balanced sounding and sit well in the mix.

I found the Tacoma to sound a little dead tbh, I had high hopes for it but it just didn't sing like the L03 sitting next to it when I tried it. The epiphone is a "pleasent" guitar, very non-offensive but I just didn't feel inspired when playing it if you get what I mean? I haven't played the other two... But I've played a fairly cheap Simon and Patrick and for the price it was really good, but I can't say anything about the showcase.

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My roommate has a Larrivee OM-09 which is rosewood and it's beautiful. Both acoustically and aesthetically. I don't have experience with the S&P or the Tanglewood, but I'd highly recommend the Larrivee based on my experiences with the ones I've played.

For Fall 2007, Taylor did a limited 414ce with Indian Rosewood sides and back. They were wonderful guitars. If you could find one used or NOS it should be in the price range of the others you're considering.

I three would like to mention the Alvarez md95. Own one, fantastic guitar.
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It makes me stare at it with a this kind of "Gee....shiny...." kind of look whenever I play. Its too sexy for its own good. Add to that the maple binding all around the body...and you have a beautiful, sexy beast of a guitar.
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I've heard nothing but good things about Alvarez, but still none available in my area. I did try some Blueridge and they sounded great. The dealer had no rosewood but the mahogany BR 140 sounded great. Anyone try the rosewood BR 160? Anyone compare it to the Larrivee 03>