hey, inside my guitar hole there are bunch of crap that i want to clean out. i asked before on the forum how and they told me to clean it out when i was changing the strings. my question is, is it ok to unstring all 6 strings off my guitar at once and clean it? i read somewhere that its bad for the guitar because it looses the tightness on the neck. thx
its ok if you take off all the strings for a little bit. it would only hurt the neck if you left the strings off for a long time.so i would advise to take the strings off then clean it and then re-string in a few days
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just take them off .. you'll be ok .. i dont think guitars are as delicate as everyone makes them out to be
take it easy man .. its just a thread
Yeah take care of your guitar but don't get too uptight about it, moderation always work fine for anything - except drugs.
You dont need tension. Unless you keep the strings off for a few years, you won't have any problems.
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You will be fine. Take them all off no problem [not recommended on a classical]. If you have an acoustic with a truss rod you should have a little neck 'relief' [not dead straight], a VERY slight bow with your strings on [otherwise they will buzz]. If your a very hard player with a plectrum you will need more neck relief, but if your a finger picker you would need a lot less to avoid string buzz.

When you take your strings off your neck it will probably be dead straight. When you put them back on your neck 'relief' will come back . If too much, tighten your truss rod a tweak. Adjust 'relief' to playing style as mentioned with the truss rod. Hard player more relief, soft player, less relief.
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