do you prefer active or passive basses?
I have an active bass at the moment which i am gunna strip all the electronics out of and make passive. I have found that I prefer them passive.

The one i have at the moment is so sensitive it buzzes and picks up every single sound, it irks me.
Got a passive at the mo, but im craving a fender jaguar bass, which is both active and passive, gives you options!
active. though I enjoy passive basses for some things.
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It all depends. I like my active Schecter, my passive Fender Fretless, and I'm GASing for a Schecter that's both. There really is no clear cut answer for me, It all depends on what I'm playing. Sure, active gives more variety at times, but the simplicity of passive can overcome the relative limitations if done right. I like them both and have nothing against either one. It just all depends on the situation.
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prefer passive, actives tend to pick up more of my flaws... plus i really dig the tone im getting right now
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You'd think with more eq controll, the active would be perfect for someone who is picky about frequency response, well I rarely find actives that give me the midrange emphasis I want in most of my playing. I have been satisfied with a few, but it's so much easier for me just to stick with passive basses with p-style or certain humbuckers. If I changed genres and needed more high range clarity and zing with more monsterous lows beneath them. I think I'd love active pups. Until then, many of them just sound too "hollow" in the middle, no matter what I do with the three band eq.
To me that's like asking if I like a fork vs a knife. I have both kinds and they each have their place musically. I love my P bass clone, but there are musical places I rather use an active bass (my Ibanez or Fretless EBMM) instead. I like them both equally for the sonic spaces they fill in my life.
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actives tend to pick up more of my flaws

I dunno that point kinda makes me want to fix my flaws more, if they are out there in the open. At least thats how I see it with my playing.