I've posted this song before but it was only a demo. I completely re-recorded everything including; touching up the guitar solo, and adding a cool harmony. My friend Mitch re-made the drum parts, which sound a lot better and it's a little more up tempo.

I recorded this song using a digitech rp-150 directly into my computer and the recording program i used was audacity.

Mitch made the drum parts with fruity loops using samples from his electronic kit.

The song is in my profile


Thanks for the positive feedback everybody. If anybody has something for me to crit i'll do so if you return the favor.
Good job. Usually metal stuff posted on here is garbage, just kids using Drop C and blast beats (which what I was expecting, to be honest). I was pleasantly surprised here. The riff is catchy and the harmonies in the end are great. Good song, and I'm impressed with the recording sound considering the equipment you used.
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Loved the riff. catchy ****. nice variations too, keeps in interesting. put in one more verse and some vokals now

feel free to comment on my stuff
a bit heavier tho:p

If only i could sing. I am working on making it longer though.

I also commented on your song "Ignorance."

Thanks again for the feedback everybody.