well I have been contemplating selling my electric guitar stuff for an acoustic. If I were to sell this like in the paper or something. How much do you think I should charge for all this (Only serious answers please). I know it wont be much since its kinda a cheap set, but needless to say

A squier Bullet, Its blue and doesnt have a whammy bar or whatever like alot of the other strats. I got it about 2 years ago

A Behringer V-Amp2, Less than 6 months old with all the original stuff.

A couple of guitar books, such as, christian guitar hits, linkin park, greenday

also this whole thing isnt obviously gonna pay for it all. its just to add to the money i have saved. I just dont really like electric as much anymore
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u shouldnt do that.
u wont make any money and ur just gunna get a cheap acoustic (ibanez, which are very good) anyway. just save ur money, nobody is gunna buy something that cheap. no offense..
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My gut reaction was to say "a bajillion dollars," but try looking up the price of your gear new, and knocking off somewhere between half and a third of the price.
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is this an advertisment TS? cause if it is yu are.....

going to have to pay like $100s and $100s of dollars!!!
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With gear that cheap it's usually not even worth reselling.

Yeah, you'll get jack ****.
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