i always find myself hitting other strings while im fretting.
like if i play from string to string i will hit other strings and their open sound will play in the back. what can i do to prevent this?? am i doing something wrong. ive been playing for almost 2 years and i can play alot of stuff almost perfectly, only I always touch other strings.
If you have a bit... bigger fingers, that might happen. All i can suggest is getting a bigger spread on the strings on a new guitar, and learn that.

Or else... I'm not sure.
well my fingers are actually pretty big compared to alot of people.
It may also be my technique though. Any help learning a better technique?
Man, I really hate when people tell the TS, "something's wrong with you, so you need a new guitar". First of all, there is nothing wrong with anybody, except that they may not be as advanced a player. Secondly, not everyone can just go out and buy a guitar whenever they want. Most people live on a budget and can't get a new guitar every weekend.

Anyways, TS, I'd suggest begin by practicing to a metronome slowly. Find a slow speed to play whatever lick it is you want to play, and watch your finger movements. Are they moving more than necessary? If they are, then focus on reducing your movements so that you expend as little energy as needed to play said lick. Also, make sure that you are palm muting correctly with your right hand. <=THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! After you do play the lick several times cleanly and without other string noise, raise the speed of the metronome by a few bpms.

Hope this helped!
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^ agreed about the buying stuff

and TS i still find that when i use my electrics. my acoustic has such a fatter neck and the sring spacingis awesome for me but my electrics i hit other strings until i get really warmed up.

it's really just practice imo but i don't see what you do