I've been experimenting with different drop tunings and I get a buzz from the 6th string when playing with them, and I think the problem is the string gauge. How can you solve this? What gauge strings do you guys use if you use drop tunings. I don't know what size strings I'm currently using (possibly lights or smaller?). I get this problem when using Drop Db, Drop C, and anything lower.
So tell me what gauges you use for Drop Db, Drop C... and lets throw Drop B in for the hell of it. The buzz doesn't show up much through an amp, but it feels odd when playing sometimes.
you gotta reset your truss rod bro, and your action, string gauge effects the meatiness or lack there of in your sound. it also depends on your bridge, if youve got a floyd you definitly wanna rock thicker strings. ive got .11-.52 on my guitar and i have it tuned to C standard
If you have a fixed/string thru bridge Id go with 10s with something like 52-56 on your 6th string for drop tuning. So some sort of bottom heavy set that'll still tune up to standard I guess?

Btw I use 10-46 on my 7 String with a 59 for my Low B and I can play fine(very good tension/no fret buzz) in standard, half a step down with the 7th string dropped to either A or Ab/G# in either of those tunings. Haven't really experimented too much with other tunings though. Dunno if that helps but it might give you some perspective on string guages.
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i play drop c and i use skinny top heavy bottom earny balls.... thats 10 - 52
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I'm with everyone else in saying that probably 52 to 56 would be your best bet, depending on what is more comfortable with you. On one of my other guitars, before I sold it, I was using 52's and had it usually to standard C and drop B and it seemed to work great for me, although I like my strings a little loose.